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Welcome to our new Subscription Service!

We have teamed up with a subscription service called League of Comic Geeks and they provide an online subscription that can be linked to our store, that means you add and subtract titles and revise your sub as you see fit, the changes will be made instantly on our end so your sub is up to date constantly.
The program is easy and fun to use, it is available in a desktop format and mobile app format.

Below are the step by step instructions on how to sign up and link yourself to our store, I'm sure it will take a little time for adjustments and tweaks to get it perfectly implemented.

Whenever we find a way to save we like to give back a little so with this new service it is going to save us on time and labor and in return we are going to raise the discount for new and existing customers.

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Here is a step by step instruction list:

1. Go to League Of Comic Geeks and sign up

2. Go to the left and click browse, add your titles

3. Go to the left and click stores and link to comically speaking store

4. Sit back have fun and enjoy your 20% OFF savings on new titles.

If you have any questions call Patrick or Bob at: 781-944-9636.

All subscribers will receive 20% off permanently beginning May 1st of 2022 on their new titles only.

This discount does not apply to other store items and cannot be used with other store promotions.

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About Us

Comically Speaking is a gigantic store dedicated to selling the most popular and toughest-to-find Comics, Toys and Collectibles. We’re a successfully-growing independently-owned business who started out in the trade over 30 years ago!

Our unique selection and diversified stock of Comics, Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks, Action Figures, Legos, POP!, Trains, Statues, CD’s, DVD’s and Video Games is always changing and ever-growing– yet our dependability and reliability remains a constant– something that will never change.

Stop by and check out our all new comic shop upstairs and toy store downstairs (Over 6,000 sq./ft. of products!), but be sure to give yourself plenty of time, as you’ll find it very hard to leave!

We are always buying collections, large or small

Patrick Jammal, Owner

Fuzzy Girl

Who is Fuzzy's New Friend?

Who could this new little lady character be in Fuzzy's Universe? Stay tuned for more info.


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